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We mentor software
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What we're doing

Helping engineering teams ship faster

Our clients learn how to implement modern practices for bringing software products to market. We work at every level, from engineers to executives, in order to accelerate delivery and ensure the continual growth of the team.









how we do it

A proven approach

Our focus on mentorship produces confident, autonomous teams who learn to be decisive while also maintaining high standards for quality. Our declining-engagement model means that your teams will rely on us less and less over time. 


We’ll start by establishing a foundational understanding of your business context, goals, tech stack, and cultural nuances. Our technical review of your platform and infrastructure architecture will help identify potential sources of unnecessary complexity, overspending or vulnerabilities.


By offering our prior experiences along with our perspective on current best practices we will help your teams avoid the missteps we ourselves have made. Our hands-on approach will demonstrate how we solve problems through code reviews and pair programming.


We will transition from active mentorship into a more supportive, guidance-oriented role. We’ll remain available to your teams as they demonstrate increasing amounts of ownership, confidence and autonomy.

Leading the conversation
A developer's guide to introducing a functional language at work by Robert Kluin

A developer’s guide to introducing a functional language at work

by Robert Kluin

The Future of Ops by Tyler Treat

The Future of Ops

by Tyler Treat

Distributed Systems Are a UX Problem Tyler Treat

Distributed Systems Are a UX Problem

by Tyler Treat

who we are

Veteran experience.
Startup mindset.

We have extensive experience helping companies bring software products to market by designing microservice-based systems while practicing DevOps and SRE. Since 2007 we have been helping software teams build and scale applications on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. We maintain strong partnerships with both AWS and Google Cloud Platform teams and are widely regarded as experts on both platforms.

Our team holds undergraduate and advanced degrees in Software Engineering, Economics, Mathematical Optimization, Econometrics, and Business as well as patents on techniques for storing, computing, and collaborating on data in distributed environments.

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    Robert Kluin
    Nick Joyce
    Tyler Treat
    Mike Taylor
    Alexander Campbell
    Coury Ditch


    Robert Kluin

    Managing Partner

    Robert is an experienced technology executive and entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping companies develop engineering organizations that reliably deliver business value. At Workiva, Robert lead the operations engineering, infrastructure engineering, reliability engineering and support engineering groups to ensure 24×7 operations and ensure systems meet product engineering needs. He is a Google Cloud Platform Developer Expert.

    Nick Joyce

    Managing Partner

    Nick is an industry veteran with deep expertise in continuous build, integration, and release systems. Having five years of experience with container-based systems, he often mentors teams responsible for container build, release, and orchestration. His primary goal is enabling engineering teams to safely manage their own services and reducing investment in infrastructure engineering. He is a Google Cloud Platform Developer Expert.

    Tyler Treat

    Managing Partner

    Tyler is an experienced software engineer and technical leader. At Apcera, he worked on NATS, an open-source, high-performance messaging system for cloud-native applications. Before that, Tyler architected Workiva’s microservice messaging platform. As an engineer, he’s interested in distributed systems, messaging infrastructure, and resilience engineering. As a technical leader, he’s interested in building effective teams. Tyler is also a frequent open-source contributor and avid blogger at

    Mike Taylor

    Head of Client Experience

    Mike has been working with technology teams to help them design, develop, and launch software products since 2005. He has worked in this capacity extensively with both large corporations and nimble startups. In 2006, he launched his own consumer-focused SaaS startup which he and his co-founders sold in 2011. He cares deeply about the less tangible, human elements and interactions that constitute a good experience for collaborating teams.


    Staff Engineer

    Alex is a software engineer passionate about continually learning and developing his skills. He most recently designed and implemented features and documentation for the Kubernetes command-line tooling. His previous projects have included writing a custom lexing, parsing, and formula-evaluation logic from scratch. Alex specializes in producing clear design documents and technical documentation.