We help you reach your business goals by building great software.

01 // ASSESS

Our first step is to spend a short time understanding the current environment and the desired outcomes of your team. We pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently understand our client's challenges and immediately begin adding value.


No two clients are alike, so we work together to determine the optimal way for our team to engage with yours. We will develop a plan to meet all critical business requirements, budgets, and schedules. We like to get our hands dirty by helping you prototype to prove out designs and digging in on code reviews.

03 // MENTOR

Just as important as solving the problem is leaving your team in a position to own and maintain the solution. We are passionate about the work we do and strive to maximize knowledge transfer. We do not tell our clients how to solve problems. Instead, we facilitate architectural discussions to help teams arrive at solutions they fully own.
Our Team

We are a team of highly experienced software professionals with a combined 70 years of experience designing and delivering highly performant native-cloud technologies and applications.

Our reputations are built upon solving extremely challenging problems in cloud computing to support the launch and scaling market leading applications. We believe in shipping solutions built with good design fundamentals early to accelerate learning and reduce engineering time. We have experience in designing maintainable micro-service based software platforms. We believe understanding problems from the business and customer perspective is crucial to helping our clients develop high-value solutions.

We have nearly a decade of experience building and scaling applications on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. We have built strong partnerships with teams in both organizations over the years and are widely regarded experts on both platforms.

We heavily utilize contionus integration and delivery. We have helped transition teams over to CI/CD processes and tools. We have built custom compliant solutions from build systems to deployment managers. We also have experience mainting off the shelf solutions as well as hosted.

We have experience leading operations engineering, infrastructure engineering, reliability engineering and support engineering groups to ensure 24x7 operations and ensure systems meet product engineering needs.

Our team holds undergraduate and advanced degrees in Economics, Mathematical Optimization, Econometrics, and Business as well as patents on techniques for storing, computing, and collaborating on data in distributed environments (1 ,2 ,3 ) .

Get In Touch

You can always email contact@realkinetic.com directly.