• Colorado Tech Cast
    PODCAST: Colorado Tech Cast
    Robert Kluin - Real Kinetic - Episode 13
    Writing good OKRs is hard; OKRs require thought and iteration. A well written OKR, however, will align resources and empower contributors to make good decisions that support the business’ needs.
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  • Cloud Native London
    VIDEO: Cloud Native London, December 2017
    Nick Joyce - What is Istio?
    Istio is a service mesh to connect, manage and secure services running on Kubernetes. We discuss some of the core concepts of Istio and how adopting a service mesh can help you reduce development time, be more resilient to outages and aid in debugging a micro-service environment.
  • Strange Loop
    VIDEO: Strange Loop 2017
    Tyler Treat - So You Wanna Go Fast?
    Go's simplicity and concurrency model make it an appealing choice for backend systems, but how does it fare for latency-sensitive applications? In this talk, we explore the other side of the coin by providing some tips on writing high-performance Go and lessons learned in the process. We do a deep dive on low-level performance optimizations in order to make Go a more compelling option in the world of systems programming, but we also consider the trade-offs involved.
  • NATS Meetup
    VIDEO: Bay Area NATS Meetup - March 2016
    Tyler Treat - Simple Solutions for Complex Problems
    Tyler Treat gives a talk on how to embrace simplicity to solve complex infrastructure problems, and how shares more information on how his former company Workiva uses NATS for microservices communication.
  • Pycon 2013
    VIDEO: Pycon US 2013
    Beau Lyddon & Robert Kluin - Asset Management in Python
    With the growth of Coffeescript, Less, SASS, etc..., compiling the assets for your project is becoming more useful. This talk covers using a Python library called Webassets to automate your build process.